About us

The Peaceful Change initiative (PCi) works with societies to prevent or reduce violence that is triggered by radical and divisive change. We aim to mitigate the effects of violence on people’s lives, while laying the foundations for long-term peace and stability.

PCi was founded in 2012, shortly after the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, with the aspiration of responding to some of the challenges facing those societies at a time of such significant and conflictual change.

Our organisation includes a diverse range of skills and experience, from mediation and reconciliation, to change management, community safety, and psychology.

Fleur Just, PCI’s co-founder and CEO, challenges common assumptions about peacebuilding in a TEDx Talk in 2013

Our work

We support societies in which fundamental differences have broken down communication and torn apart relationships between different groups. We work to offer an alternative vision for how differences can be managed, so that people do not feel the need to use violence, but instead gain greater confidence in a shared future.

We do this by: building channels of communication on the most difficult and sensitive issues; creating space for the inclusion of different voices within society; and empowering people across divides to work together. We advise international governments and organisations working in conflict areas to achieve greater impact.

Our work has two main components:

Our learning resources and analyses are available for peacebuilding practitioners and policy makers.

Through our work, we aim to:

Foster working partnerships between communities and local authorities, and between different groups across conflict divides
Strengthen the skills of local and national leaders who are able to build relationships across conflict divides

Develop and share practical tools and methodologies for peacebuilding
Peace Actions
Support local leaders and civil society activists in practical actions to reduce violence and improve human security and community safety
Civil Society
Support civil society groups to connect, share experiences, and be part of decision-making
Policy Support
Advise international agencies, NGOs, governments and companies on how to achieve greater impact
How we make a difference
We only work where we genuinely believe we can have a significant impact.
Light Footprint
Most of our resources are directed to project delivery, given our light organisational footprint. 
Network Structure
Our flexible network structure allows us to work where others have withdrawn (e.g. Libya and Syria).

While ‘peacebuilding’ is usually carried out post-conflict, we work at all stages of violence: before, during and after violent conflict.

Working With Others

We scale up our impact by working with and through others, sharing learning, and advising policy-makers.

Diversity as a Value

Our organisation includes a diverse range of skills and experience, from mediation to change management and psychology.

Where and how we work

We run programmes in the Middle East (Syria), North Africa (Libya), and the Black Sea region (Ukraine).

We empower local peacebuilding practitioners and community leaders, and we support their work through a network of international staff and consultants. This approach allows us to adapt rapidly to fast-changing environments, and to work in some of the most unstable places in the world, before, during and after violent conflict.