Legal Status

Companies House 
The Peaceful Change Initiative was registered as a limited company on 1 February 2012 (Company No. 07931944).
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Libyan Commission of Civil Society
PCi’s office in Tripoli was registered with the Libyan Commission of Civil Society in April 2013.
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Tunisian Commercial Registry
As of 3 November 2017, PCi is a registered company on the Commercial Registry of Tunisia.
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Charities Commission 
PCi was registered as a charity in the UK on 4 August 2015 (Charity No. 1162997).
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Charitable Objectives

Our goal is to promote conflict resolution and reconciliation at the national and international levels.
Our objectives are relieving suffering, poverty and distress, and building and maintaining social cohesion, resilience, and trust within and between communities.
These objectives are achieved by the following activities:
1.    Investigating and identifying causes of conflict.
2.    Examining potential solutions to the conflict – or approaches to constructively engage with causes of conflict – through participatory research and analysis.
3.    Building the capacity of communities to play active and constructive roles in managing conflict
resolution and decision making processes, with a particular focus on socially and economically disadvantaged groups within communities.
4.    Mediating and facilitating dialogue between different parties to the conflict and affected communities, enabling the discussion of possible solutions and building relationships of trust.
5.    Recommending to the international community and the parties involved measures that can support the resolution of conflicts or contribute to preventing future conflicts.
6.    Promoting respect for human rights among individuals and groups, and raising awareness of human rights issues.
7.    Publishing reports on the causes of and recommended solutions to particular conflicts, and making these freely available for public fruition.
All activities aim to maintain the charity’s commitment to impartiality.