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Fostering social cohesion in vulnerable communities in Libya
PCI, together with our partner Talk for a Change, are rolling out training and mentoring workshops for local government and civil society leaders in six conflict-prone communities in Libya aimed at building local partnerships for responding to and preventing violence. These trainings are based on a new book published by PCI, Social Peace and Local Development: A handbook for local government and community leaders.

Enhancing the inclusivity of Syrian Peace Processes
Together with our partner, the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria, PCI hosted a meeting in Switzerland which brought together Syrian community leaders, Syrian civil society leaders, international NGOs, International diplomats and representatives of international organisations, to discuss ways of working together to make Syrian peace processes more inclusive and participatory. 

November 2013
Enhancing civil society capacity for confidence building in the South Caucasus
PCi worked with CBOs and NGOs in the South Caucasus region to build capacity for implementing effective confidence building projects. This work was undertaken within the framwork of the EU/UNDP Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM).

Next phase of PCi’s programme in Libya – supporting effective leadership in conflict management
Building on initial work in Bani Walid and Sirte, PCi has agreed a two-year programme of support for effective leadership in conflict management in Libya. This work will involve capacity-building and support for (1) national leader, (2) local authorities and (3) community leaders. 

Training SIDA in conflict-sensitivity
PCi delivered a training in conflict sensitivity on behalf of Saferworld to the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Crisis response to the death of anti-armed group protesters – Ghargour, Tripoli
Over 40 protesters were killed in an anti-armed group demonstration in the Gharghour area of Tripoli, creating substantial animosity with Misrata. PCi supported immediate crisis coordination by state and non-state actors, and a follow-up peacebuilding initiative by community-leaders from Misrata.

South African Ambassador to Libya shares experiences in Misrata
As part of its response to the killing of protesters in Ghargour,  PCi facilitated a visit of the South African Ambassador to Libya to Misrata. This visit was conducted under the auspices of the EUNIDA programme in Libya.

PCi Launches new project in support of Syrian Peace Processes
Together with our partner, the Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSDS), PCi has started a new project aimed at enhancing community engagement in Syrian peace processes. 

Training the Dutch Government in conflict-sensitivity
PCi delivered a training in conflict sensitivity on behalf of Saferworld to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Developing a Peacebuilding Partnership in Libya – Ghadmes, Misrata, Nafusa & IDPs
September saw the start of an a period of intensive support for local peacebuilding initiatives in Libya, with on-going mentoring support for the leaders of four communities. This support is provided under the auspices of the EUNIDA programme in Libya.  

Agreement and communication of City Charter’s for Peace
Following the consultative process started in April 2013, City Charters for Peace have been agreed in both Bani Walid and Sirte. From mid-June to 07 July, these charters were communicated in their respective communities through local media.

Linking local and national leaders on conflict sensitive local development
PCi, AFAQ and the Ministry of Local Government hosted the third workshop on conflict sensitivity. In it civil society leaders from Bani Walid and Sirte presented the findings and learning from their work to promote conflict sensitivity in their communities.

Research and training on human security in Kufra
From 26 May to 06 June PCi conducted a two-week field visit to Kufra in partnership with the Libyan Humanitarian Aids Mission – including two workshops on Leadership in Human Security, as well as research into the potential for how to reinforce residents’ perceptions of security.

International conference on conflict management in Libya: Chatham House
PCi, in partnership with Chatham House, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and interpeace, co-hosted an international workshop titled ‘Local conflicts, national stability’, to draw together learning on effective conflict management in Libya. 

Women’s perceptions and experiences of security in Syria
PCi, together with a Syrian NGO based in Turkey, facilitated a workshop for women activists from across Syria aimed at analyzing and finding solutions to the challenges women face in engaging with local authorities and security providers.

Assistance for dialogue on the investigation of deceased from Bani Walid
PCi and the Forum of Experts of Bani Walid facilitated dialogue with the families of dead bodies from Bani Walid and national / international representatives, so as to build confidence in the judicial process related to their death and to reduce conflict tensions.

Developing a national strategy for ‘Conflict Sensitive Local Development’ in Libya
PCi and AFAQ Libya facilitated a second workshop for a cross section of Libyan government officials, hosted by Ministry of Local Government. In this workshop, the participants moved from international learning to drafting a strategy relevant for Libya. 

Working with the Libyan Ministry of Local Government.
PCi and AFAQ Libya delivered a workshop on Conflict Sensitive Local development for a cross section of Libyan government officials, hosted by Ministry of Local Government.

Working with local communities affected by conflict in Libya
PCi and its Libyan partners began public consultations to develop ‘City Charters for Peace’ in both Sirte and Bani Walid. At the same time, PCI contributed to a programme of communication between Bani Walid civil society and the Libyan government on how to handle sensitive investigations relating to a number of deceased persons from the town.

Good Social Development in a conflict context: Syria
PCi, together with an international Development Institution worked with Arab, Kurdish and Syriac Christian civil society actors to plan for action to promote coexistence and development, in the context of the massive changes going on in Syria.

Conflict-sensitivity surgeries for Libyan civil society
PCi ran two one-day surgeries on conflict sensitivity for Libyan civil society organisations in Benghazi and Tripoli. Organisations were given the opportunity to ask for advice on how to implement current and planned projects in a conflict-sensitive manner.

Community Cohesion in Bani Walid and Sirte
PCi ran workshops in ‘community cohesion’ in Bani Walid and Sirte for a mix of local authority representatives, brigade representatives and community leaders. Both workshops were attended by national government representatives and were partly broadcast on Libyan State Television. The workshops were supported by Talk for a Change, an organisation that advises the UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government. 

January 2013
Training in Human Security and Local development
PCi ran a two-day training in Human Security and Local development for civil society organisations from Bani Walid and Sirte. 

Training Libyan Civil Society in Tripoli in conflict sensitivity  
PCi facilitated a three-day workshop with civil society groups in Tripoli on conflict sensitivity in transition environments and peacebuilding strategies.

Youth Bank in the Caucasus
PCI travelled to Pitsunda in Abkhazia to facilitate a workshop on cross cultural communication for young people as part of Eurasia Partnership Foundation’s 
regional Youth Bank project. A similar workshop was facilitated in Tbilisi.

December 2012
Training SIDA in conflict-sensitivity
PCi delivered a training in conflict sensitivity on behalf of Saferworld to the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Catalysing confidence-building in Georgia, Abkhazia / South Ossetia
PCi assisted the United Nations Development Programme to launch the second stage of its Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM). This included civil society training in strategic planning for peacebuilding in Tbilisi and Sukhum/i. 

November 2012
Training civil society in Benghazi in conflict sensitivity
PCi delivered a three-day training to Creative Associates’ local partner organisations in Benghazi in ‘Planning and Delivering Effective Projects during Transition and Instability’. The training will be repeated in Tripoli in December.

Sustainable solutions for displaced persons in Georgia
PCi Director Fleur Just presented the findings of an assessment for displaced persons to the Georgian Government. The assessment and the presentation was conducted for CARE. 

Assessment mission to Bani Walid
PCi visited Bani Walid (Libya) for the first time since the fighting in the town in October. The purpose of the visit was to discuss ways of building peace in the town with local civil society. 

October 2012
Introducing conflict sensitivity
PCi facilitated a introduction on conflict sensitivity for international representatives at the Swiss Embassy to Libya.

Youth Bank in the Caucasus
PCi delivered trainings in cross-cultural awareness to participants in Eurasia Partnership Foundation’s regional Youth Bank project, and also facilitated a regional dialogue meeting.