Communication pack to promote SPLD methodology developed for Libya

PCi developed a communication pack to support trainer mentors in Libya in designing and implementing actions aimed to promote PCi’s Social Peace and Local Development (SPLD) methodology in key locations across the country. Download the communication pack flyer in English or Arabic here

Update on Second Media Consultation Dialogue in Serbia and Kosovo

The second Media Consultation Dialogue (MCD) looked closely at the work of the media regulatory bodies in in Kosovo and Serbia since one of the conclusions of the first Media Consultation Dialogue was that their work does not contribute enough to the elimination of hate speech and “othering” in the media. The Media Consultation Dialogues… Read more »

Conflict Sensitivity Considerations Relating to Local Governance Assistance in Libya

PCi delivered a presentation on “Conflict Sensitivity Considerations, Relating to Local Governance Assistance in Libya”, at the EU Implementer’s forum (Libya) in Tunis in September 2019, minimising the ways such assistance could contribute to conflict while maximising opportunities to contribute to peace. The considerations represent issues faced practically by implementers and were identified through consultations… Read more »

ILO launches new guide to promote social cohesion and peaceful coexistence in fragile contexts

PCi’s trustee Joan McGregor and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor Raj Bhari have been working with ILO to produce a new guide:  Promoting Social Cohesion and Peaceful Coexistence in Fragile Contexts through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).  The guide is now available to download here: Promoting Social Cohesion and Peaceful Coexistence in Fragile Contexts through TVET.… Read more »

United Kingdom: PCi hosts panel discussion on conflict sensitivity – successes, challenges and priorities

PCi hosted a panel discussion on behalf of the Conflict Sensitivity Hub at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London. Tim Molesworth, PCi’s Senior Adviser, Conflict Sensitivity and Peace Technology, PCi facilitated the discussions – which were also livestreamed on Twitter, enabling conflict sensitivity practitioners to engage in the conversation from around the world. Click… Read more »

Resources and analysis

Peaceful Change initiative works on programmes in North Africa, Europe and the South Caucasus region. We also have extensive experience of working in the Middle East. The latest Resources and Analysis from Peaceful Change initiative can be found here.

Media Award in Kosovo and Serbia: Call for applications is open

Peaceful Change initiative is calling on journalists, editors, media representatives, and others, to share with us their stories on multi-ethnic coexistence in Kosovo and Serbia. The idea was initiated by the Media Consultation Dialogue, an integral part of PCi’s Balkan programme.  The call for entries is open until mid-August 2021 and the entries will be… Read more »

Who we are

Change happens in society every day, and it brings into play different interests, aspirations, and perspectives in relation to what is the ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to organise society and share resources. Therefore, change – almost inevitably – leads to conflict. Conflict occurs when people have, or think they have, different or opposing positions, interests… Read more »

What we do

Conflict sensitivity: We work to promote conflict sensitivity in policy and practice within the humanitarian, development and peace fields. National capacity for peace: We work closely with civil society organisations, supporting them to connect, share experiences, and be part of decision-making processes that support peace. Local conflict management mechanisms: Our community-facing work brings together community… Read more »