Kosovo: Supporting civic responses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite good intentions and efforts to treat all citizens equally, regardless of their ethnicity, the Kosovo government has experienced a lack of capacity to address the needs of all communities living in Kosovo, as COVID-19 mitigation measures have been introduced.  Government institutions have been weakened by the political crisis and the collapse of the government;… Read more »

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Peaceful Change initiative works on programmes in North Africa, Europe and the South Caucasus region. We also have extensive experience of working in the Middle East. The latest Resources and Analysis from Peaceful Change initiative can be found here.

Improving access to mental health information in Kosovo

Peaceful Change initiative are working with partners, among others, to ensure non-majority communities in Serbia and Kosovo have better access to information on COVID-19. The goal of the ‘Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development – ALVED’ project is to strengthen the capacity of citizens in Kosovo and Serbia to advocate for an effective and equitable… Read more »

Who we are

Change happens in society every day, and it brings into play different interests, aspirations, and perspectives in relation to what is the ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to organise society and share resources. Therefore, change – almost inevitably – leads to conflict. Conflict occurs when people have, or think they have, different or opposing positions, interests… Read more »

What we do

Conflict sensitivity: We work to promote conflict sensitivity in policy and practice within the humanitarian, development and peace fields. National capacity for peace: We work closely with civil society organisations, supporting them to connect, share experiences, and be part of decision-making processes that support peace. Local conflict management mechanisms: Our community-facing work brings together community… Read more »

PCi’s partner NGO Aktiv advocating for Language Rights in Kosovo

As part of the ‘Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development – ALVED’ project, PCi’s partner organisation Aktiv produced a video-cast that discusses language rights in Kosovo. The video-cast analyses how the pandemic crisis has shed light on weak institutions unable to provide a timely translation of information into Serbian at key moments, leaving members of… Read more »

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