PCi Stress Management Booklet

Peaceful Change initiative works with societies to prevent or reduce violence that is triggered by radical and divisive change. We aim to mitigate the effects of violence on people’s lives, while laying the foundations for long-term peace and stability. This commitment to making a difference within communities experiencing conflict means that we work in some very difficult places, often very close to the point of violence. This kind of work inevitably places some stresses on PCi team members. The challenge for us is to work together to build a culture that helps manage this stress well.

Knowing that the work we do is often hard and stressful, we wanted to provide team members with some basic tools to help them keep healthy. This booklet provides important information about the nature and symptoms of stress. It is intended to help PCi team members recognise their own symptoms of stress and take some basic actions to manage that stress. Maintaining the wellbeing of our team is crucial to maintaining our peacebuilding impact.

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