How it works in Europe and South Caucasus

Serbia-Kosovo: Local voices for development We work to amplify local voices, especially those of marginalised groups, in support of equitable development. We work with our partners to: ensure non-majority communities in Serbia and Kosovo are better aware of – and able to advocate for – municipal services to which they are entitled strengthen participatory approaches… Read more »


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PCI supports young Libyan Peacebuilders

PCi organised a three-day youth forum in the coastal town of Zuwara, bringing together over 95 young activists, working on social peace and local development, from 27 towns and cities across east, west and south Libya in March 2020. Youth make up 65 per cent of the population and are disproportionately under-represented in both national… Read more »

A tool for conflict sensitive decision-making – Discussion note 1

This is the first discussion note in a series intended to inform development of a new tool for conflict sensitive decision-making related to international humanitarian, development and peacebuilding assistance.  The tool is intended to help decision makers determine whether an action is conflict sensitive before it is taken and consists of 5 tests, or questions,… Read more »

Mjellmë Doli

Mjellmë has extensive experience working for international development organisations and institutions such as the United Nations, USAID and British Embassy, as well as several prominent civil society organisations in Kosovo. A lot of her past work has focused on harnessing the power of communication technologies to facilitate a better dialogue between governments/organisations and citizens. She… Read more »

Libya: PCi collaborates with municipalities to strengthen capacity and promote legitimacy and trust

The complex Libya context is characterised by escalating armed conflict, widening political polarisation, heightened inter-communal tensions and increased militarisation. PCi developed a methodology which provides a systematic understanding of the range of capacities, responsibilities and functions within municipalities in east, west and south Libya in 2019. As a result, PCi produced 11 capacity assessments, working… Read more »

PCi Annual Report March 2019 – March 2020

Our work in the year is detailed in our Trustees’ Report, below, alongside our financial statements. Key charitable programme activities in the year were: i) Continued delivery for our Libya programmes across a number of governmental and institutional donors. ii) Completed a 12-month Armenia project that improved awareness and knowledge among youth of their role… Read more »

Andrii Kryshtal

Andrii is the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator for the Western Balkans programme. He has over five years’ experience working in the international non-governmental sector, involved in programme management, monitoring, research, organisational development/capacity building and peacebuilding. He studied Sociology (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) and European Studies (Master’s programme) and is engaged in research on the topics… Read more »

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