Local conflict management mechanisms

Libya Through rolling out the Social Peace and Local Development methodology, PCi has established over 40 Social Peace Partnerships in towns and cities across the country. Through the regular provision of mentoring and training in community level peacebuilding, these Social Peace Partnerships have, over time, developed strong community relationships and bonds, which are based on… Read more »

Building national capacity for peace

Libya We convene peacebuilding practitioners from among civil society organisations, local authorities, and traditional leaders – as well as media and the education sector – to establish reliable channels of information exchange, share understandings of the peace and conflict context in Libya and identify areas for collaboration on practical peacebuilding issues. Members of this peacebuilding… Read more »

Conflict sensitivity

We do this in four ways: Contributing tools and approaches to help embassies, donor agencies, UN agencies, research organisations and NGOs at all levels, working in policy and practice, to adopt conflict-sensitive approaches to their work Advocating for conflict-sensitive approaches within international assistance, and providing targeted advice on how to adopt them Providing conflict sensitivity… Read more »


Our approach to working with local partners is both flexible and robust. We are supportive in adapting to the local realities of our partners, but also robust in the application of minimum accountabilities. If invited to do so, we use our experience and expertise to build the peacebuilding skills and organisational capacity of our partners… Read more »

Mjellmë Doli

Mjellmë has extensive experience working for international development organisations and institutions such as the United Nations, USAID and British Embassy, as well as several prominent civil society organisations in Kosovo. A lot of her past work has focused on harnessing the power of communication technologies to facilitate a better dialogue between governments/organisations and citizens. She… Read more »

Civil society stands by assaulted colleague

Civil society organisations from Kosovo and Serbia have expressed their support for Miodrag Milićević from NGO Aktiv, who was verbally and physically assaulted by a member of Kosovo Police.

Conflict Sensitivity Resources for International Assistance Providers in Libya

As part of the Conflict Sensitive Assistance forum in Libya, PCi has developed a number of resources for international assistance providers working in the country to inform the conflict sensitivity of their activities. The Conflict Sensitivity Manual for Libya provides guidance for international assistance providers on applying conflict sensitivity within their activities, particularly relevant within… Read more »

Integrating Gender into community-level peacebuilding: Lessons from Libya

Since 2013, Peaceful Change initiative has been supporting community-level peacebuilding initiatives in more than 40 Libyan municipalities. This report captures our experience and lessons learned from nearly 10 years of integrating gender into our programme. Key lessons include:  Using a gender lens to analyse conflict was key to increasing community understanding of why women’s agency in local… Read more »

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