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There are several ways you can get involved in building a conflict-free world and support the Peaceful Change initiative: Your donation will help us to break cycles of violent conflict and build the institutions and relationships that support long-term peace. To make a contribution, whether one off or regular, click here Would you like to… Read more »

On Civil Society in Serbia and Kosovo

Peaceful Change initiative is pleased to announce the launch of research into cross-community initiatives in Kosovo and Serbia, undertaken jointly by the Universities of Pristina and Belgrade as part of the Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development (ALVED) project, supported by the UK government. Click on the link to download the report: The Landscape of Cross-Community… Read more »

Mjellmë Doli

Mjellmë has extensive experience working for international development organisations and institutions such as the United Nations, USAID and British Embassy, as well as several prominent civil society organisations in Kosovo. A lot of her past work has focused on harnessing the power of communication technologies to facilitate a better dialogue between governments/organisations and citizens. She… Read more »

Meet the team

Senior Management College of Advisers Programme Leads Libya Team Europe and South Caucasus Team UK Team

The Peacemakers Network – Libya, collaborates with the Italian NGO – Agency for Peacebuilding – to comment on Libya’s postponed elections

The Peacemakers Network, a group of individuals from Libyan civil society, local government, media and academia, who work to find solutions to promote sustainable peace (supported by PCi) have collaborated with The Agency For Peacebuilding (www.peaceagency.org) and produced an article commenting on Libya’s postponed elections, that were scheduled for December 24 2021. This was published… Read more »

Youth Participation in Decision-Making and Peacebuilding in Armenia

Armenia today represents a vivid example both of new opportunities and challenges that the youth are facing. This is partly evidenced by the fact that 88% of young men and women (18-29 years of age) view the 2018 change of government in Armenia positively. At the same time, issues including unemployment, poverty, housing as well… Read more »