How it works in Europe and South Caucasus

Serbia-Kosovo: Local voices for development We work to amplify local voices, especially those of marginalised groups, in support of equitable development. We work with our partners to: Our approach seeks to ensure that citizens in Serbia and Kosovo are better able to empathise with one another’s perspectives, play active civic roles in society, and celebrate… Read more »

How it works: Conflict sensitive assistance

Conflict sensitivity is an approach to delivering humanitarian, development and political assistance that incorporates a nuanced understanding of the peace and conflict context in order to minimise the risk of assistance worsening conflict dynamics, and to maximise opportunities to contribute to sustainable peace. PCi’s Conflict Sensitive Assistance (CSA)programme in Libya, which has been running since… Read more »

How it works: Peacebuilding Network

Participants in these meetings have worked to reflect together on their experience of carrying out peacebuilding in Libya in order to capture important learning for other practitioners; they have put together joint analyses of what has been driving conflict in Libya in order to inform better-designed interventions; and they have worked together to design activities… Read more »

How it works: Social Peace Partnership

Social Peace Partnerships are supported by a team of Libyan trainer mentors who have the capacity to train others and support Social Peace Partnership development. This arrangement facilitates a range of programming in Libya. A Social Peace Partnership brings leaders in the community together to build a structure around the local authority – establishing inclusive… Read more »

Global consultancy

Peaceful Change initiative regularly undertakes consultancy work. We have, for example, completed consultancy assignments for: We provide consultancy services in the following areas:

Europe and South Caucasus

How we respond at the local level We help to build skills among local government and civil society at the community level to identify drivers of conflict, and to deal with conflicts in a reconciliatory way. How we respond at the national level We engage decision makers in dialogue on issues related to the conflict,… Read more »

How we support peaceful change

Community We help communities build the relationships and skills needed to manage conflict and make peace agreements hold. National We help mend fractured societies by creating and training countrywide networks of peacebuilders. We support national authorities to respond effectively to conflicts in ways that increase security and improve daily lives; address drivers of conflict; develop… Read more »

Get involved

There are several ways you can get involved in building a conflict-free world and support the Peaceful Change initiative: Your donation will help us to break cycles of violent conflict and build the institutions and relationships that support long-term peace. To make a contribution, whether one off or regular, click here Would you like to… Read more »

Aims and Values

Mission The Peaceful Change initiative works to break cycles of violent conflict and build the institutions and relationships that support long-term peace. Vision A world in which societies undergoing major change manage conflict without violence through inclusion, dialogue and collaboration. Our values Our work must make a real difference to the lives of people and… Read more »