Bashar Eltalhi

Bashar is Country Manager for Libya. Previously, Bashar worked as a National Professional Officer within the Security Sector Advisory and Coordination Division at UNSMIL, where he played a prominent role in providing the team with local perspectives on the Libyan situation. Bashar holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from the Arab Academy for Science… Read more »

Empowering Libya’s women and youth through livelihood opportunities

After years of protracted war across the country, Libya’s economic recovery requires significant support and intervention at the national, regional, and local level. Supporting Community Resilience Through Livelihood Opportunities for Libya’s Women and Youth outlines the impact of the Peaceful Change initiative Livelihood Project, launched in November 2021, targeting six cities in the East, West… Read more »

Nada Markous

Nada is Deputy Country Manager for Libya, responsible for strategic planning, programme delivery, project management, and financial management. Before joining PCi, Nada was Office Manager at the Commerzbank Representative’s Office in Libya. Nada graduated in Business Administration and Information Technology.

Serein Sharda

Serein is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of grants. Before joining PCi, Serein worked for Bankera as a Business Development Manager. Serein holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. She was a participant at UNESCO’s Regional Education for Sustainable Development Workshop for Arab Youth Leaders in Beirut.

Nabiel Rafalla

Nabiel is the Project Officer for the eastern region of Libya. He has worked in the field of general contracting for more than ten years. Nabil obtained a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Benghazi

Riyad Boumtari

Riyad is a Junior Peacebuilding Consultant in the Libya office. He has extensive experience working as a trainer on various projects including the Constitution Ambassador’s Programme (funded by the EU) and the Convergence Project that sought to improve awareness of local administration laws (funded by the DAI Foundation). Riyad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil… Read more »

PCi expression of solidarity with Ukrainian peacebuilders

We abhor the violation of peace and territorial integrity in Ukraine and the senseless destruction and loss of life brought by the unjustified military action being perpetrated by the Government of the Russian Federation. We appeal for an immediate cessation of attacks on Ukraine and for the protection of civilians. We are gravely concerned that… Read more »

Lamis Ben Aiyad

Lamis is responsible for maintaining an up to date understanding of peace and conflict dynamics and conflict sensitivity considerations in Libya, using social media, media monitoring and other sources. She has acquired experience over the last four years working for both local and international organisations, focused on deepening and expanding the role of young people… Read more »

Founding member of the Tripoli Centre Social Peace Partnership becomes first woman in Libya to hold the position of Mukhtar al-Mahalla (Head of Locality)

Sumaya Abushagour, a civil society activist and founding member of the Tripoli Centre Social Peace Partnership (established in 2017) became passionate about working with marginalised groups (such as women, youth and people living with disability), when employed by the Ministry of Education and the Tripoli Centre Municipality, Social Affairs Unit. As a member of the… Read more »