Advocating for Social Inclusion through the ‘Bader’ Campaign in Libya

In February 2021, a national campaign was launched to raise the profile of young peace leaders through the ‘Bader’ (‘initiate’ in Arabic) social media Facebook campaign.

The campaign encouraged young Libyans to submit project ideas that promote social peace, gender equality, social inclusion and community cohesion. Naseem Bin Halim was one of three prize-winners. He is a 24-year-old science graduate from Zliten who is passionate about advocating for the rights of people with disabilities; his aspiration is to ensure their full participation and integration in society by addressing obstacles and challenges they face in their daily lives.

Naseem is Head of Engineering at the Organisation for Development focused on the construction of ramps that provide easy access to locations/buildings. He recently constructed access points to the beach in Zliten so that all the local community could enjoy the seaside. When submitting his proposal, he identified he would like to construct more ramps on Zliten pavements, as well as at the entrance of public buildings, such as the University and Social Security Office.

To view Naseem’s story, please click video below.