14 April 2022 – Calling Peacebuilding Consultants

Peaceful Change initiative is updating its peacebuilding professionals roster. This is our network of highly experienced and trusted peacebuilding colleagues whom we draw into our teams on a regular basis. The professionals on our roster enable us to access expertise in specialist aspects of peacebuilding.

For this call we are particularly interested in hearing from professionals with experience in:

  • Conflict sensitivity and conflict analysis
  • Gender and social inclusion
  • Mediation, including experience of training in mediation
  • The links between economic development and peacebuilding
  • The links between climate change and conflict
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning in peacebuilding programmes

We are also keen to hear from peacebuilders with professional fluency in French, Arabic and Portuguese languages, and from peacebuilders with experience in the following regions and countries:

  • Western Balkans
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Mozambique
  • Burkina Faso

To join PCi’s peacebuilding professionals roster please email your CV and a covering letter describing your experience in the areas above to roster@peacefulchange.org