As women are often excluded from political processes and peace agreements, we work with both women and men to increase women’s participation in peace, security and governance processes. We provide them with new skillsets and opportunities for dialogue, so that community issues are managed with a better understanding of women’s needs and of the interactions between gender and conflict.


  • We provide trainings to develop a better understanding among both women and men of gender, peace and security issues, including women’s role in building sustainable peace
  • We facilitate research and analysis to identify obstacles and incentives for women’s participation, and to better understand the interactions between gender and conflict in specific contexts
  • We provide capacity development opportunities for women in areas such as peacebuilding, project design, advocacy, and human rights to enhance their skills and confidence
  • We provide grants that support women-led projects, addressing their needs and priorities and improving their sense of security, including through better services and livelihood opportunities
  • We provide mentoring support to local and international partners to promote decision-making practices that are more inclusive of women’s needs and perspectives

Women, peace and security

UN Security Council Resolution 1325:

  • highlights the disproportionate and unique impact that armed conflict has on women
  • recognises the under-valued and under-utilised contributions women make to conflict prevention, peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding
  • promotes women’s equal and full participation as active agents in peace and security