Our interdisciplinary team uses a range of tools and methodology to promote peaceful change at the community, national and international levels.


We help communities build the relationships and skills needed to manage conflict and make peace agreements hold.


We help mend fractured societies by creating and training countrywide networks of peacebuilders.

We support national authorities to respond effectively to conflicts in ways that increase security and improve daily lives; address drivers of conflict; develop cohesion and prevent tensions between different social groups; and build trust in government.


We analyse conflict and advise diplomats and aid agencies on how to ensure that their policies and programmes support peaceful change and that they do no harm in the countries they work in.

social peace partnership workshop 2018
Social Peace Partnership workshop, Libya

We are set up to be flexible, to seize peacebuilding opportunities and to adapt our programming to changing realities, so that we can stay the course in a country. We develop sustainable capacity for managing peaceful change in the countries we work in – so that when our projects finish, positive results are maintained. For this reason, we work with and through people and organisations in the countries we work in, rather than parachuting staff in for short-term assignments.

We are serious about working in parts of the world that are high risk, so we work within a strong risk management framework. We are also serious about measuring our results, and we learn and adapt so that we are confident we are honouring our mission.

We seek to become one of the world’s leading organisations on breaking cycles of violent conflict and building the institutions and relationships that support long-term peace.