We are committed to making Peaceful Change initiative a ‘Great Place to Work’. We value our staff, and promote a work environment that fosters staff wellbeing and within which professional development is encouraged at all levels. To promote a healthy work/life balance, we encourage flexible working arrangements and have adopted an industry-leading annual leave policy of 28 days plus 8 bank holidays.

To our team members we commit to work in accordance with the following values:

Risk management: We acknowledge that you work in often dangerous environments. Your safety and wellbeing is our primary concern. We maintain a strong risk management culture backed up by a supportive approach to maintaining your physical and mental health.

Work/life balance: We acknowledge that peacebuilding work often involves travel, hard work and high pressure. We will create a work environment that respects your family and life commitments.

Teamwork: We value diversity and believe that a team with different skills and backgrounds helps us respond to difficult challenges. Team members are accountable for their work, but teamwork, knowledge sharing, and supporting each other is the way we like to work. 

Constructive debate: Sharing your observations, analysis and experiences freely and frankly within the organisation helps us do our work in a conflict-sensitive manner, learn from mistakes and continually improve our methodologies.

Empowerment: Team members are informed, enabled and inspired to continually grow professionally and to make the maximum contribution possible to peaceful change.

Peacebuilding professionals roster

Peaceful Change initiative maintains a small roster of expert and trusted peacebuilding professionals who provide technical and surge support to our programmes.

“Working in conflict environments is complex but it is satisfying to work with communities who are trying to bring a more peaceful environment to where they live.”

Alex, Communications Officer

“PCi inspires and motivates me as I am part of a professional international team and my work is contributing to making the world a more peaceful and better place.”

Andrii, International Project Coordinator