The Peaceful Change initiative is an independent, international non-governmental organisation working to help societies manage large-scale change in non-violent ways that build the mechanisms and relationships that support long-term peace.

Change happens in society every day, and it brings into play different interests, aspirations, and perspectives in relation to what is the ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to organise society and share resources. Therefore, change – almost inevitably – leads to conflict. Conflict occurs when people have, or think they have, different or opposing positions, interests and needs. However, societies may not always have sufficiently robust mechanisms and relationships in place for resolving conflict in ways that are acceptable to different community groups. Inadequate change management processes within a society can lead to people abandoning peaceful means of pursuing their goals and resorting, instead, to violence.

The Peaceful Change initiative’s work reduces violence and enables communities and societies who are in conflict with each other to preserve and strengthen relationships, and promote development.