The Peaceful Change initiative works to break cycles of violent conflict and build the institutions and relationships that support long-term peace.


A world in which societies undergoing major change manage conflict without violence through inclusion, dialogue and collaboration.

Our values

Our work must make a real difference to the lives of people and communities affected by violent conflict. To the communities, partners, national institutions and donors we work with we commit to work in accordance with the following values:

Integrity: We only undertake work that is based on in-depth analysis and that we feel we have the expertise and capacity to deliver. We communicate openly about our work and how we spend money in order to be accountable to all partners.

Resilience: We work during all stages of conflict. At the height of violence, we find conflict-sensitive ways to tackle drivers of insecurity and conflict and contribute to making communities feel safer. Partnerships strengthen our resilience.

Compassion: We believe in the importance of listening, trying to understand and think from someone else’s perspective, and engaging with different views even if we do not agree with them. We respect the dignity of every person and the potential they have to transform conflict.

Inclusivity: We act independently and impartially and work to bring as broad as possible a range of relevant stakeholders together to develop better conflict management mechanisms. We work to include hard-to-reach actors in peacebuilding conversations.

Innovation: We work to learn, to constantly improve our methodologies and to develop creative approaches to peacebuilding. We share our learning in the hope that it helps others promote peaceful change and provide a platform for peacebuilders to realise their ideas.

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