Conflict sensitivity comes from the recognition that humanitarian, development and peace-related assistance may have unintended impacts on peace and conflict. We work to promote conflict sensitivity in policy and practice within the humanitarian, development and peace fields. International assistance could, when not delivered in a conflict-sensitive manner, exacerbate drivers of conflict and miss opportunities to contribute to sustainable peace.

We do this in four ways:

  • Contributing tools and approaches to help embassies, donor agencies, UN agencies, research organisations and NGOs at all levels, working in policy and practice, to adopt conflict-sensitive approaches to their work
  • Advocating for conflict-sensitive approaches within international assistance, and providing targeted advice on how to adopt them
  • Providing conflict sensitivity advice to embassies, donor agencies, UN agencies, international  NGOs and research organisations, within specific contexts (such as Libya and Syria), by facilitating multi-stakeholder conflict sensitivity platforms which allow collective reflection and response
  • Supporting the Conflict Sensitivity Community Hub, a global network of organisations and individuals working to strengthen conflict sensitivity in policy and practice. From October 2019 to 2021, PCi is acting as coordinator of the Hub

To download PCi Conflict Sensitivity materials by region, please visit the Resources and Analysis page.

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Latest News

Conflict sensitivity considerations relating to the Libya Storm Daniel response

This note provides a brief overview of conflict sensitivity considerations relating to the international response to Storm Daniel in Libya which can be identified at this early stage of the response.

Working towards peace with international organisations in Northern Mozambique 

We are working with humanitarian and development organisation WeWorld in Northern Mozambique to help them minimise the negative impacts of their work and actively contribute to building lasting peace.

Women on the beach of Pemba, Cabo Delgado

Why we need conflict sensitivity in Northern Mozambique

The ongoing armed conflict in Cabo Delgado is creating challenges to the effective delivery of humanitarian aid by the international community. In this blog post we explore the pressing need for increased conflict sensitivity skills amongst those delivering aid.