Team type: Libya Team

Abdulqadir Bughararah

Abdulqadir is a National Grant Officer for Libya. He works on preparing, implementing, and monitoring the grants given to the Libyan Social Peace Partnerships. Before working with PCi, Abdulqadir worked for 10 years in the Libyan shipping industry, where he gained managerial experience and increased his network nationwide. He holds a Higher Diploma in Engineering.

Akram Wadi

Akram is the Project Officer responsible for the Western Mountains region. Before joining PCi, he worked for the private sector in a range of different roles, from administration to public relations and legal affairs. Akram holds a BA in Law from Al Zawiya University, and a BSc in Political Science from the Africa University in Tripoli.

Mouhaned Terhouni

As well as working as a Project Officer at PCi, since 2013 Mouhaned has been a Lecturer at the Tripoli University Law School, where he previously worked as a Professor Assistant. Mouhaned holds a Master’s degree in Civil Law from Cairo University and an undergraduate degree from the Tripoli University Law School.

Sulayman Alshami

Sulayman is the Project Officer responsible for the Southern region. He worked as a Certified Trainer in Civic Education for UNDP, and within the trainers’ team of the electoral commission for municipal elections. Sulayman has been a member of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Libya since 1989, and is now a leading member in Murzuq, responsible for service and community development. Sulayman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Sabha.