Peacebuilding Professionals Roster

14 April 2022 – Calling Peacebuilding Consultants Peaceful Change initiative is updating its peacebuilding professionals roster. This is our network of highly experienced and trusted peacebuilding colleagues whom we draw into our teams on a regular basis. The professionals on our roster enable us to access expertise in specialist aspects of peacebuilding. For this call… Read more »

Youth, peace and security

Libya We engage and empower vulnerable youth by providing skills training and creating new livelihood opportunities that dissuade young people from joining militias or getting involved in crime. We promote their participation in inclusive decision-making processes in their communities so that they can contribute and play an active role in society. Syria We have engaged… Read more »

Local conflict management mechanisms

Libya Through rolling out the Social Peace and Local Development methodology, PCi has established over 40 Social Peace Partnerships in towns and cities across the country. Through the regular provision of mentoring and training in community level peacebuilding, these Social Peace Partnerships have, over time, developed strong community relationships and bonds, which are based on… Read more »

Conflict sensitivity

We do this in four ways: To download PCi Conflict Sensitivity materials by region, please visit the Resources and Analysis page. Conflict Sensitivity Hub website conflictsensitivityhub.netConflict Sensitivity Hub Twitter Latest News


Our approach to working with local partners is both flexible and robust. We are supportive in adapting to the local realities of our partners, but also robust in the application of minimum accountabilities. If invited to do so, we use our experience and expertise to build the peacebuilding skills and organisational capacity of our partners… Read more »

Funding and finance

We use these funds to design and implement peacebuilding interventions that link methodologies and actions to specific challenges in each country, improving the lives of people affected by conflict. We are committed to managing the money donated effectively and based on value for money principles. How we spend our money 90% of what we spend… Read more »

Where we work

Peaceful Change initiative was founded in 2012, shortly after the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, with the aspiration of responding to some of the challenges facing those societies at a time of significant change.

North Africa: Libya

How we respond at the local level We create a space for groups that have been in conflict to slowly rebuild relationships and trust through engaging in dialogue. We build working relationships and communication between community groups and local institutions, so that together they are better able to prevent conflict. We help local authorities to… Read more »